CCC TRY-N-BUY with John Neal Bookseller, November 2017

A Sharp Pencil and a Keen Eye with Amity Parks, September 2017

The Roman Capital: The DNA of Letters with John Stevens, August and November 2017

Design and Interpretation for Extraordinary Letters, and Creating a Personal Monogram, two workshops with Liesbet Boudens, July 2017

The Enchanted Letter, A Study in Designing a Contemporary Illuminated Letter with Heather Victoria Held

BLACKLETTER: A Journey Through Gothic Letterforms with Luca Barcellona, April 22-25, 2017

Finding Your Inner Picasso with Mike Gold and Judy Melvin, March 2017

Finding the Breath-Like Flow with Elinor Holland, March 2016

Paste Paper Books with Rosie Kelly, February 2016

Mike Kecseg Copperplate Workshop, January 2016

Gilding Workshop with Georgia Angelopoulos, October 2015

Creating Works of Beauty, a Retreat with David McGrail, April 2015