On the Kinship of Calligraphers:

Our 40th Anniversary Gallery

The art featured here is the inspired result of the CCC Membership's response to the beautiful words of Hermann Zapf from a speech he delivered in 1981 at the International Typography Corporation's exhibition of International Calligraphy Today. Zapf spoke of the unique bond among calligraphers. He said, "Calligraphy is the most intimate, personal, spontaneous form of expression. Like a fingerprint, or a voiceprint it is unique for each person. Calligraphers can’t be compared. We can’t be grouped into 'schools' or 'styles' or ‘traditions.' It is our respect for our differences that unites us and keeps us free of the competitiveness that eats up so much energy in other areas of graphic design. The feelings of friendship reach across national borders and whole continents." He went on to say, "Our feeling for calligraphy, and our future in it, has nothing to do with the nature of the jobs we do, nor with how history treats our art form. Whether it is a museum treasure, a piece of printed ephemera, an informal note or a single, beautifully written character, it is all the same to us. We celebrate and appreciate each other for what we do with such humble tools as pens, brushes and a few drops of heartblood in our ink."

Please enjoy viewing the artwork below. Note that all art presented on this site is the property of the individual artist and all rights are reserved. Copyright is held by the artist. No images may be downloaded or used without written consent of the artist.

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