The CCC Inklings Program: Community Involvement

The CCC’s Inklings Program provides funding to anyone willing to bring small-scale education programs to their local community. To help promote public appreciation and awareness, an idea to involve others may include anyone—from school children to senior citizens—and provide education about the calligraphic lettering arts. Money granted by the CCC’s Board of Directors defray the cost of materials or other related expenses for the project.

Inklings mini-grants are available to CCC members and non-members alike, though non-members are required to be sponsored by a CCC member. Those interested are encouraged to submit a proposal to the Board of Directors outlining the details of their undertaking, including a project description and budget. If the project meets the CCC guidelines for educational purpose and intent, funds will be disbursed for purchasing supplies or related expenses such as audio-video rental. Approved applicants will be responsible for overseeing the project to its completion. In addition, we ask that pictures or finished projects be shared with our organization.

Fill out the Inklings application below to submit your proposal.
Please email our Vice-President with any further questions.



A Chicago Calligraphy Collective Mini-Grant is intended to provide support of a calligraphic educational program. Any program funded by the CCC must be open to the public and be free of charge. CCC funding cannot be used to support profit-making programs.

There is no minimum amount per request. Applicants may apply for two grants—at a maximum of $100 each—per calendar year for two separate outreach events. The money may be applied to material and supply costs or used for other expenses, such as audio-video rental. CCC funds cannot be used for stipends or to purchase refreshments or equipment.

Applications should be submitted at least two months before the funds are needed. Applicants will be notified of a decision not later than two weeks after the next Board meeting following receipt of the application.

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Please address the following questions. Your responses will assist the CCC to determine if your program meets its guidelines. 1. What is the educational purpose and goal of your program? 2. How will this program foster the knowledge and appreciation of calligraphy?
List the organization(s), school or facility with which you will be presenting the program.
The CCC requires that a CCC member be involved in the planning and/or presentation of the program. Please provide the member’s name, address, phone number, and email address. (If same as applicant, please write SAME AS APPLICANT.)


Follow-Up Report Information

It is expected that funded applicants supply a written summary report on the finished project, along with copies of receipts for all expenses, to the CCC Board no later than two months after completion of the project. Reports and receipts should be sent to the CCC Treasurer via email to