Zen Shodo and Qì in Western Calligraphy—Exploring Energy and Expression, March 24 & 25, 2018

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Zen Shodo & Western Composition.jpg

Zen Shodo and Qì in Western Calligraphy—Exploring Energy and Expression, March 24 & 25, 2018

from 125.00

Time:  9:30am-5pm

Instructor: Peter Fraterdeus

Skill Level: All levels

Irish American Heritage Center
4626 N Knox Ave
Room 302
Chicago, IL 60630

Class Fee: $125 (discount of $25 per class for those who register for both Zen Shodo and Medieval Letters)

Supply Fee: $10 (payable to instructor on first day of class)

Minimum Enrollment: 4 students

Registration Deadline: March 17, 2018

Zen Shodo (The Way of Calligraphy) with the East Asian Brush challenges our preconceptions. Spontaneous, playful and mindful at once, for western calligraphers, exposure to the ancient Oriental traditions can bring enormous freedom from cultural expectations of uniformity and linearity. 

Inquiring into the Qi (氣 chi/inner energy) of the marks we make, we are looking for energy and authenticity rather than 'perfection'. This is art about the making, not about the end product. Of course, kindling that inner energy brings deeper perception, and we gain important knowledge about the ideal form with every stroke!

We make a mark with a tool, but it is not the mark with its energy and motion, but the division of space, which is essentially meaningful. Without this awareness, our marks are mere ephemeral shadows, all style, without substance—with it, they are structures in reality, with 'bones', not just surface. 

After exploration with the East-Asian brush, we turn to the western chisel edged brush and pen with a new perspective. 

45-minute 'working' lunch 12:15-1pm. I recommend that people bring lunch, or we can order something to be delivered

Workshop fee includes various oriental and western papers, a supply of east-Asian brushes, and Sumi ink. The instructor has some other larger brushes available on his etsy shop Make a Mindful Mark™ by AMindfulMark

Students should bring the following supplies to class:

Chisel edged brushes and pens





Traditional and non-traditional calligraphy tools

Cutting mat

X-acto or scalpel


Chinese stick ink



Kneaded eraser

All are available through art supply stores or John Neal Books.
Questions: email Peter Fraterdeus


If you wish to pay by check, please download and complete our Class Registration Form.  Please write your check, payment in full, payable to the Chicago Calligraphy Collective and mail it to: Patricia Kutz, CCC Treasurer, 1280 Harleyford Road, Woodridge, IL 60517-7532. For questions, please email Julie Wildman, Class Coordinator. 

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